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I’m William Matthew Peaster.


-a permalancer professional writer, editor, and English consultant

-specializing in the Ethereum, Dai, and Bitcoin beats

-curator of the DeFi Arts Intelligencer newsletter

-learning German and a handful of Romance languages

-writing a novel, Devils in the Black Egg, and poetry

-collecting and creating NFT cryptoart

-playing chess (1. d4 … your move)


-University of West Florida, Bachelor’s degree, Creative Writing (2014)

-Enterprise-Ozark State Community College, Associate’s degree, English (2012)

WORK HISTORY (past 5 years)

-Jack Wild Publishing (Poetry editor)

-Securities Ventures (Newsletter writing)

-Blockonomi (Cryptocurrency news writing)

-Bitsonline (Cryptocurrency news writing, associate editor)

-Noir Tower (Technical writing consultant)

-Jourist Verlags (Lead technical writer & editor)

-Lane Change Media (Ghostwriter)

-Underwater Mountains Publishing (Senior creative editor)

-SAGE Media (Contributing scholar)

-SuperSummary (Literary consultant)


Article writing

-Portrait of an Artist as a Young Etherean: On Winning New Creators to Ethereum - SuperRare

-Async Fundamentals: New Usability Improvements - Async Art

-Burn Signal, Gitcoin Grants, and Finding Consensus Amid Evolution - Burn Signal

-Burn Signal, Preference Signaling for Ethereum’s Hot Topics - Burn Signal

-Art on Ethereum: a Beginner’s Guide to Cryptoart - defiprime

-Protocol Politicians: A Look at The Future Crypto Politics of MakerDAO & Dai Stablecoin - Blockonomi

-Ethereum “ETH 2.0” Genesis Block May Launch in January 2020 - Blockonomi (beat major outlets to this story by days)

-On the Zcash Counterfeit Flaw Fix: Questions to Ponder - Bitsonline (given a shoutout by Zcash founder Zooko)


-Ethereum the Transcendental - Personal blog

News writing

-It’s Alive! NASA Discovers Cactus Vegetation on Mars - Fictional sample

PR / Business writing

-Hoverboard Sharing Startup Rebekkont Raises $14.2 Million in Series A Round - Fictional sample

Educational Writing

-Ethereum Casper Explained - Binance Academy

-What Is Mimblewimble? - Binance Academy



Newsletter writing

-DeFi Arts Intelligencer - example from Feb. 15th


-12,000 dictionary entries in Jourist Verlag’s award-winning Visual Dictionary app


-The 1st edition of R. H. Sin’s best-selling Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel poetry series

-The 1st edition of Christopher Poindexter’s best-selling poetry chapbook Lavender


-Minor open-source copyediting in the Ethereum GitHub and the Zcash GitHub


-SafePal S1 Review: Inside the Crypto Hardware Wallet Backed by Binance Labs

Academic writing

-Donne’s Doctrinal Heterogeneity in the “Holy Sonnets”

-“I have shored against my ruins”: Fragmentation in The Waste Land

Creative writing

-My poem “On Sensuality” came in 3rd place in a translation competition held by Harvard Simplicissimus Fall 2014 issue



Selected poetry (published on IPFS)

For Janus

“Window Watching” - Apr. 2020

“Perpetual Friday” - Apr. 2020

“The Great Lockdown Story” - Apr. 2020

“Same Distance to God” - Apr. 2020

“Unrevelation” - Jan. 2020

“Lost Angel” - Jan. 2020

“The Actor” - Dec. 2019

“The Lull” - Sept. 2019


“On Sensuality” - 2012

“Berry Thicket” - 2017

“Dirlewanger” - 2017

“Poem from the Notes of Andrew Jackson’s Biography” - 2017

“The Great Unfurling” - 2017

“Things Always Change” - 2017


“Glisten” - 2017

“Overcast” - 2017

Digital art

“When Spirits Look On”


Find more of my art on my Instagram: @gwilymynys

I can be reached via email (wmpeaster@gmail.com), Twitter (@WPeaster), or Telegram (@wmpeaster). I accept gig payments in USD (paypal.me/wpeaster), bitcoin, and ether or Dai (wmp.etherbase.eth).